The Real Estate Law Firm of Barry R. Gogel, routinely advises borrowers and lenders, regarding the buying, selling, exchanging, acquisition, and financing of commercial real estate properties. Our law firm has extensive experience in guiding clients through the inherent complexities of mortgage financing in the metropolitan area, including Staten Island, Queens Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.  Our law firm’s services, including all aspects of commercial real estate financing, from letters of intent, negotiation and drafting of mortgage financing documents for commercial office buildings, schools, retail centers, industrial buildings and apartment buildings, and condominiums, among them.

The New York City Commercial Real Estate Financing law firm of Barry R. Gogel, specializes in several available commercial real property financing methods, including Mezzanine Financing, Mortgage Pools, Purchase Money Mortgages, and Underlying Mortgage Financing.


The Gogel Law firm has extensive experience in mezzanine financing, which is a hybrid of debt and equity financing most often used to finance the expansion of existing commercial real estate properties. Mezzanine financing is basically debt capital that gives the lender the rights to convert to an ownership or equity interest in the commercial real estate property if the loan is not paid back in time and in full, or in which there is otherwise a default by the borrower.  Mezzanine financing is most often subordinated to the debt owed to senior financing.

Often, mezzanine financing for commercial real property, is usually provided to the borrower quickly with a small amount of due diligence on the part of the lender and a small amount of, or in some cases, no collateral on the part of the borrower.  In view of this, the financing cost are usually higher than other real property financing methods.


The Gogel Law firm has extensive expertise with respect to purchase money mortgages, which is a mortgage issued to the borrower by the seller of the commercial real estate, as part of the real estate purchase transaction.  This is commonly referred to as as seller or owner financing.

Our law firm has experience representing both buyers and sellers in purchase-money mortgage real estate transactions which are often offered by the seller as an incentive to purchase a commercial real estate property.  It also can be used in situations where the buyer is assuming the seller’s real property mortgage, where the difference between the balance on the assumed mortgage and the sales price of the real property is made up with seller financing.  If your buyer or seller, call the Law office of Barry R Gogel today to negotiate and implement your commercial real estate purchase money mortgage agreement.


The law firm of Barry R. Gogel are experts in negotiating and implementing underlying mortgages which are known as a  commercial loan on a piece of real estate, which is owned by a cooperative housing corporation. In commercial real estate situations such as those relating to condominiums and co-op buildings with multiple units, the underlying mortgage, on the building itself, is most often the only mortgage.  The underlying mortgage loan takes precedence over all other types of real property liens and depending on the number of shares relating to the whole building, the underlying mortgage is shared proportionately by residents of the condominium or co-op building.  If your co-op or condominium is seeking to obtain an underlying mortgage loan, contact our dedicated underlying mortgage loan financing law office, and we will be glad to help.


With our law firm’s extensive with real property development, leasing, sales and purchases of real property in New York City, our law firm works with “time is of the essence” and diligence, and we take the time to understand the details our clients goals which is crucial to successful projects. which saves the client both time and money, while completing our clients real estate transactions, achieving our clients goals. Mr. Gogel has more than 20 years of experience representing clients in complex commercial and residential real estate transactions. His clients have valued and relied upon his New York real estate law related knowledge, his ability to navigate the complexities that one often finds when dealing in the New York City real estate market.


The adage, “The Devil’s in the Details”, is especially true when it comes to commercial financing details do matter. Joint venture partners and Investors, and financial institutions, require that they need to be fully informed and need to know to the extent possible, exactly what’s involved when making real property investment decisions,  in a detailed, well-organized and clear way, demonstrating the feasibility of the complex real property transactions.

If you need a law firm with established credentials in real estate practice, you welcome to meet with the New York City law firm of Barry R. Gogel, today.

The Gogel law firm always gets the job done and I continue to use them for all of my real estate law related mattersJoe Green

Some Of Our Law Firms Typical Types of Transactions

International Media Company

In Connection with leasing of 50000+ office and video editing space in the New York Metropolitan area and the relocation of its news bureau in ManhattanInternational Media Company

Representated a Private School

     With respect to its development of a five story school in Manhattan, involving a complex ground lease, development and bond financing structure.

Private School

Representated a Developer / Borrower in $45 Million Financing Transactions

This Construction financing allowed for the building of their newest senior facility.

Developer / Borrower
Represented a regional bank as Construction Lender

These transactions, often very complex, also include such diverse matters as a New Jersey retail development, warehouse development and a Manhattan condominium conversionRegional Bank

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